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“And they embittered their lives with hard labor, with mortar and with bricks and with all kinds of labor in the fields, all their work that they worked with them with back-breaking labor.” (Exodus 1:14)

Questions: What is the difference between “hard labor,” work with “mortar and bricks” and “all kinds of labor in the fields”? Why does the Bible list these different types of work like this: “all the work that they worked with back breaking labor“? Ok, we get the point. They worked hard. Enough! Is it just for emphasis? Or is there something else going on here?

Ideas: Use peanut butter, apple butter, caramel spread, chocolate spread or any other thick and gooey, mortar-like substance to put together cookie pr cracker “bricks”. Hummus or cream cheese could be used as mortar too.

spread cookie

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‘We remember the fish that we ate in Egypt free of charge, the cucumbers, the melons, the leeks, the onions, and the garlic.’ (Numbers 11:5)

Questions: What do the Israelites mean here by the word “free”? Were these foods they ate truly “free”? What are the foods that are native to the place where you live? What foods would you miss if you were to leave your country? What do you think all these foods have in common?

Ideas: Since this list of foods is quite common it’s easy to make a dish or series of dishes incorporating these food items. Have your guests guess which items of food at your table were mentioned in the Bible, or, altneratively, make a dish that reminds you of home. Is there some food item that you miss that your mother or father used to make? Or something that was native to the city or country in which you grew up? Make it and share it with your family and friends. Was there a “cost” incurred in your leaving these food items behind? Is there a freedom that this dish reminds you of? Was it really “freedom”?

fish garlic

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“If a man has a raised area, a scab, or a spot on the skin of his flesh, and it forms a lesion of leprosy on his skin, he shall be brought to Aaron the High Priest, or to one of his sons, the priests.” (Leviticus 13:2)

Questions: Why does the Bible devote so much attention to describing a skin condition in such vivid detail? What is it about leprosy that makes it worthy of such attention? What did leprosy punish?

Ideas: Make “spotted” or “tongue” cookies, or anything wrapped up in puff pastry dough, in a tortilla-type wrap or even sushi which is wrapped in seaweed! (Lepers often wrapped themselves with many bandages.) See how long everyone at your table can go without speaking about someone else.

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“The house of Israel named it manna, and it was like coriander seed, it was white, and it tasted like a wafer with honey.” (Exodus 16:31)

Questions: What was manna? Why was it called by that name? What types of food do we eat the resemble or remind you of manna? If you could eat something that tasted every day like something else what would it be? What texture would it have? How do you eat differently on the weekends? What is your double portion?

Ideas: Use coriander to spice up your food in any recipe, add cilantro (the leaves of the coriander plant) to your salad, serve tofu or any other bland white food that resembles manna, you can serve honey-glazed doughnuts for dessert!

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“They obscured the view of all the earth, and the earth became darkened.” (Exodus 10:15)

“And there was thick darkness over the entire land of Egypt for three days.” (Exodus 10:22)

Questions: What is the difference between obscuring the view of the earth and the earth becoming darkened? Why are we informed a few verses later that “there was thick darkness”? Didn’t we already know this? And if not, what is the difference between thick darkness and regular darkness?

Ideas: Brownies or any other type of dark chocolate cake, dark chocolate or chocolate liqueur. Cookies or candy with a “hidden treasure” center. Make sure to dim the lights and snack at midnight!

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“Because this time, I am sending all My plagues into your heart and into your servants and into your people, in order that you know that there is none like Me in the entire earth.” (Exodus 9:14)

Questions: What is so awe-inspiring about the mixture of fire and ice? Why do you think God chose to send a plague in the form of hail? Why didn’t God just destroy all the crops?

Ideas: : Serve ice cold drinks and red hot food, serve any cold salad that is spicy as well, serve Baked Alaska, or fried ice cream, sprinkle cayenne pepper on top of vanilla ice cream (it actually tastes really good!), or simply put out a bowl of ice on your table with some Tabasco sauce on the side.

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