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“May the angel who redeemed me from all harm bless the youths, and may they be called by my name and the name of my fathers, Abraham and Isaac, and may they multiply abundantly like fish, in the midst of the land.” (Genesis 48:16)

Questions: Why do you think it is a blessing to increase like the fish of the sea? Why are the children of Israel compared to fish? Why do you think that we sing this song to little children? Who is the angel that is mentioned in the verse?

Ideas: Fish! Gefilte fish, sardines, tuna quiche, salmon concealed in puff pastry or phyllo dough, Angel Food Cake. Set your table with hamsas, scatter turquoise beads and eye charms or tie napkins with red string.

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‘We remember the fish that we ate in Egypt free of charge, the cucumbers, the melons, the leeks, the onions, and the garlic.’ (Numbers 11:5)

Questions: What do the Israelites mean here by the word “free”? Were these foods they ate truly “free”? What are the foods that are native to the place where you live? What foods would you miss if you were to leave your country? What do you think all these foods have in common?

Ideas: Since this list of foods is quite common it’s easy to make a dish or series of dishes incorporating these food items. Have your guests guess which items of food at your table were mentioned in the Bible, or, altneratively, make a dish that reminds you of home. Is there some food item that you miss that your mother or father used to make? Or something that was native to the city or country in which you grew up? Make it and share it with your family and friends. Was there a “cost” incurred in your leaving these food items behind? Is there a freedom that this dish reminds you of? Was it really “freedom”?

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“Among all creatures that are in the water, you may eat these: Any of the creatures in the water that have fins and scales, those you may eat, whether in the seas or in the rivers… Any creature that does not have fins and scales in the water is an abomination for you.” (Leviticus 11:9-12)

Questions: Why must fish have fins and scales? What is it about fins and scales? Why those distinguishing characteristics? What do they represent?

Ideas: Cook an entire fish, head, scales, fins and all (gutted of course) and use that as the conversation piece at your table. Whole sardines, sardine spread or pate could work too, and gummy fish if fish are not your thing at all…

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