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“And if a soul brings a meal offering to the Lord, his offering shall be of fine flour. He shall pour oil over it and place frankincense upon it.” (Leviticus 2:1)

Questions: In every other mention of the offerings one can voluntarily bring in Leviticus, the individual bringing the offering is referred to as a person or a man, in Hebrew: “Adam.” However, when speaking of the meal offering, the person is referred to as a soul, in Hebrew: “nefesh.” What is unique about the meal offering that the person who brings it is referred to in this way? What differentiates a “man” from a “soul”? Why is one of the simplest offerings the one offered by a “soul” rather than a “man”?

Ideas: Serve anything made from “fine flour,” olive oil or spices. Artisan bread dipped in olive oil, or even cinnamon-raisin bread. Spice cookies or cinnamon buns are a great choice too!

Recipe for Tasty Mincha Cookies here

spice cookies


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“You shall salt every meal-offering with salt, you may not discontinue the salt of the covenant of God from your meal offering – on all your sacrifices you shall offer salt.” (Leviticus 2:13)

Questions: Why do nearly all sacrifices include salt? What is it about salt that makes it spiritual or necessary? Is it a preservative? Does it enhance the taste of the meat? Why would God desire salt?

Ideas: Encrust your steak, burger or meatloaf with a salty rub (most steak spices are pretty salty on their own), serve a bowl of salt at the table for dipping, and eat your meat with the right intentions!

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